CA type named with Cure-all processing types has been developed by Mitsuwa Industrial Co., Ltd. Kyoto,Japan(Head Office) Shanghai J&S Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.(Affiliated Company)

All Metallic Yarn except unsupported yarn are available for our supply on your request. CA type eliminates stiffness due to micro slitting section and hardness itself by uses of formaldehyde under coating section and smelling, uncomfortable feeling, being poisoned or inflamed with red color when you are wet with sweat. Ladies accept brighter colors but hesitate to use metallic yarn dress because of uncomfortable feeling although it looks beautiful. It is also said that they do not want to use metallic color fabrics for inner clothes.

In order to solve the above-mentioned shortcomings, Curing-all type,CA type has been developed. Softness,lower rate of formaldehyde, resistance against oxide sulfide,UV resistance, Color fastness and friction resistance have remarkably been improved.

In another point, CA type has minus ion effect Every metallic yarn is available for Cure-all process and The following points ate improved better.


Softness and good skin touching - CA type is available for more smooth embroidery, weaving and knitting.
        The productivity of CA type for all process has remarkably been improved. Skin touch without strong stimulation
        is comparatively better than those of Conventional metallic yarns.
Formaldehyde - Conventional metallic yarns have normally 70ppm. But the content of CA type For
        formaldehyde decrease from 70ppm, to 0.03ppm”«0.5 ppm like 150 pp to 30 ppm”«40 ppm.
Sulfide and oxidization compounds - CA type has a resistance against Sulfide and oxidization compounds.
Sunlight and rubbing resistance - Color fastness against sunlight and rubbing resistace levels up to 1 grade.
Minus ion - Minus ion generates for 4 pieces of samples under testing materials In order to confirm we testd 4
        pieces for materials are dipped in water 100 ml 100cm2 for 60 min. and the following data is measured in
        spraying at air Furthermore, minus ion is measured under same method namely water and praying.

Material Testing Method Average unit (piece/cc)
Plus Minus
Embroidery threads, CA type process Spraying 3,169 4,839
Embroidery threads, CA type process 3,171 4,806
Embroidery threads, Conventional ones 3,078 3,689
Embroidery threads, Conventional ones 3,621 3,874
Water 3,537 3,024
Minus ion ar room is about pieses/cc
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